Leap Up
to the Clouds‎‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎

in a Suspended World high up in the Trees,
at the Foot of Mont St-Grégoire

The first of its kind in North America

Experience nature between earth and sky

Experience the wonders of nature between earth and sky as you leap from one adventure to the next in a floating tree-lined universe made up of nets and treetop villages, located at the foot of Mount Saint-Grégoire.

Experience a safe, fun, physical and ecological way to reconnect with nature and with your inner self.

Why not take a moment to switch off your screens and reconnect with nature, our loved ones and with our inner selves?

We are pleased to invite you to leap into the sky at uplå’s suspended world, a first in North America.‏‏‎

Leap through a universe of suspended nets and experience a sense of weightlessness while exploring a magnificent hanging village of brightly coloured treehouses that are connected
to one another.

  • Duration of the Adventure: 2 hours (reservations are required);
  • Intended Clientele: Children and adults from 3 to 99 years of age;
  • Difficulty level: Accessible to all
    (no special skills required);
  • Equipment: No equipment required
    (no harness or helmet required);
  • Rest areas “Chill Zones”;
  • A Safe and Secure Environment;
  • Open all year round.

A Universe of Nets

A new and exhilarating experience where you can see nature from a totally new angle, high above the ground, navigating through a network of nets, while experiencing a feeling of weightlessness!

  • 20 feet above the ground;
  • 7 trampolines, all linked to one another;
  • A 2-story outdoor trampoline;
  • 3 slides, 1 tunnel;
  • 3 access ramps.

Book today and be one of the first to experience uplå
in North America!

A Treetop

Let your imagination soar and reawaken your inner child as you wander through a labyrinth of suspension bridges that interconnect with a network of unique and colourful treehouses. Young and old alike will delight in this unique world of adventure and discovery.

  • 7 treetop maisonettes, including two on two floors;
  • 2 spiral slides;
  • 1 secret passage;
  • 1 lookout point;
  • 2 access ramps.


Reservations required. Tours depart every 30 minutes. Uplå experience pass (only). Tree top and uplå combo packages will be available soon.

2 years and under
3 to 17 years old
18 to 64 years old
65 and up*

* An adult of 65 years old accompanied by 1 or 2 children of 2 years and under of age will pay only the rate of $20 while children will be admitted free. Proof of age of each participant will be required on site.

Group Rates

Planning to experience uplå with a group?

Whether it’s for a birthday, a school outing, a corporate event or a special celebration, the more people you are, the better!

Sound exciting? Get in touch to learn about our discounted group rates for groups of 10 or more.
Call 1 877 886-5500
Email reservation@arbraska.com

Group Rates

Planning a children’s party, school outing, team building or corporate event? You’ve come to the right place! With or group discount packages, the more people you bring, the more you save. Contact us at 1 877 886-5500 to learn more about our group rates and how you can take full advantage of our discounts.

School Outings or Summer Camps

Think outside the box and take your students to uplå Park on a fun, physical and ecological experience they’ll not soon forget. Contact us at 1 877 886-5500 for to learn about our school trip and day camp packages.

Children’s Parties

Make your child’s birthday an extraordinary and unforgettable event. Contact us at 1 877 886-5500 to find out about our different tailor-made packages or turnkey options.

Corporate Events

Motivate your staff and boost their sense of community by booking a highly original, team-building activity or a unique corporate event set in the scenic, natural creative space, high up in the uplå nets. Get in touch by calling 1 877 886-5500 to learn about our various packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking on-site?

Parking is located in front of the uplå facility, across the street at Arbraska and at the Érablière Charbonneau. In the event of any overflow, other parking spots are available.

What are the regulations concerning Covid 19?

We comply with the recommendations and regulations issued by the Ministry of Public Health in order to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Will I be allowed to eat on-site?

Yes, there are picnic tables on site and Érablière Charbonneau has a full menu available.

Do you close in case of bad weather?

We remain open whether it rains or snows, so please wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather. In the event of a severe thunderstorm or lightning storm, the park reserves the right to temporarily in order to ensure everyone’s safety. In such cases, there will be an announcement on our Facebook page.

Do I have to book online or can I show up and pay in cash?

We recommend that you book online to guarantee your spot. This will also save you time once you arrive to fully immerse yourself in the uplå experience.

If you wish to try your luck and arrive without a reservation, we do accept Interac, Visa, MasterCard and cash.

Thanks to our partners